Welcome to the Web site of Mère Framboise Day Care Centre!

Browsing through the pages of our site, you will discover the richness of our day care services including the diversity of those services, the numerous activities of the center, its highly qualified personnel and its pedagogical methods, which have proved excellent over the years.

CPE Mère Framboise, worthy partner of the Quebec network of quality day-care services, is committed not only to respecting a legal and regulatory framework, ensuring a healthy and secure environment for children, offering a quality education program, a healthy diet and a thorough administration, but it is also committed to offering a bilingual program centered on the learning of high quality French and English.

Offering since 1992 a very high quality expertise to its clientele, CPE Mère Framboise is proud to invite you to a visit of its organization through the pages that follow.

Enjoy the reading!


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